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Hair Removal - Strip & Hot Wax

Our team of beauty therapists come with years of experience in hot waxing. Our warm nature and guided approach will immediately put you at ease, whether you’re having a Brazilian wax or a full leg wax. Hair removal remains one of our most popular treatments at The Salon with regulars coming back for years. Our wax contains only natural ingredients and essential oils to keep your skin glowing and beautifully soft.

For a pain-free treatment, call or book now. Our team of beauty therapists are waiting.

Wax Aftercare: Things You Should Not Do After a Bikini Wax

Pre wax Care

  1. Make sure your hair is long enough.

“Prior to waxing, the length of your hair should be at least a quarter inch long. Any less and the wax won't have enough hair to grip during the removal process. 

  1. Reduce pain by planning ahead.

Avoid scheduling your wax around the time of your period when skin can be more sensitive. (It's also a general courtesy to our beauty therapists, as well, to avoid booking around that time of the month.) We recommend avoiding alcohol before your appointment “it will only make your blood thinner and more sensitive.

  1. Make sure you’re clean.

Yes, it's a kindness to your beauty therapist that you arrive fresh and cleansed but it will also help your wax go more smoothly. Natural oils, sweat, or body lotions can prohibit wax from adhering as well. The drier your bikini area is, the better your results will be.

During Your Waxing Appointment

  1. Know what you want.

There are many different styles or types of waxes you can get during the hair-removal process. You can get just the sides and the top cleaned up (bikini wax), you can get everything but a small strip of hair or a triangle in front (Brazilian wax), or you can get everything—the top, the sides, and the back—removed (a full Brazilian). If you're not sure which you want to start with, don't be afraid to ask your technician. It's only awkward for them if you don't like the result.

  1. Don’t be surprised if your beauty therapist asks for help.

The biggest being that your technician may ask you to help hold your skin in certain places—or, yes, your cheeks—so they're able to get every last inch of hair. It's really not as uncomfortable as it might sound, but it is certainly intimate.

Waxing Aftercare

  1. Stay out of the sun.

The first 48 hours after a wax, please stay away from UV rays

  1. Avoid swimming.

Avoid indoor pools and especially large pools of water that could contain bacteria. If you don't, you could have an increased risk of infection

  1. Be careful not to over-exfoliate.

Waxing removes the topmost layer of dead skin, along with the hair, any kind of additional scrubbing can lead to skin damage. However, after the first few days, it’s important to remove dead skin cells with a light scrub or exfoliating serum to prevent ingrown hairs.

  1. Avoid the sauna


Steam opens your pores, pushing hair out, causing stubble. In addition, bacteria thrives in hot conditions. For these reasons we recommend avoiding hot conditions.


  1. Wait a little before getting a spray tan.


After waxing, chemicals can irritate the skin causing an uneven look.


  1. Be selective with your skin care.

Stick with fragrance-free body washes and creams for the first few days after your waxing appointment.

  1. Take showers instead of baths.

Running water from the shower will be cleaner than sitting in bath water.

  1. Opt for loose clothing.

One thing to keep in mind both before you head into your appointment and after: Anything tight-fitting can rub raw spots and irritate. You'll want to give your leggings a break for a few days and stick with maxi dresses, flowy pants, and breathable cotton fabrics.

  1. Avoid intense workouts.

Activities such as running, aerobics, or cycling can cause friction in treated areas and sweating can cause irritation.